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All Tastes

Rs. 599.00

⁠All Tastes 
1- Mirchi chips(80 gms)
2- Khatta Meetha(150 gms)
3- Gudpara(150 gms)
4- Soya katori(80 gms)
5- Shahi Laccha(150 gms)
6- Punjabi Tadka(150 gms)


Experience the ultimate delight with our 'All Tastes' combo at The Namkeen Factory. This eclectic assortment includes the fiery kick of Mirchi Chips, the sweet and tangy blend of Khatta Meetha, the wholesome sweetness of Gudpara, the savory goodness of Soya Katori, the royal taste of Shahi Laccha, and the bold flavors of Punjabi Tadka. Elevate your snack time with this irresistible combination, perfectly paired with a cup of chai for the quintessential Indian namkeen experience.