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Travel Pack

Rs. 549.00

⁠Travel Pack
1- Soya Katori(80 gms)
2- Mirchi Chips(80 gms)
3- Roasted corn(150 gms)
4- Besan papdi(150 gms)
5- Aloo Bhujiya(150 gms)


Embark on a flavourful journey with our 'Travel Pack' combo at The Namkeen Factory. This on-the-go assortment features the bold punch of Mirchi Chips, the crispy delight of Roasted Corn, the traditional charm of Besan Papdi, the savory appeal of Soya Katori, and the classic taste of Aloo Bhujiya. Carry the essence of namkeen wherever you go and add a pinch of spice to your travels.